Perhaps the creepiest poster for the WandaVision series was created

The day before, the first full-length trailer of the WandaVision series appeared on the Web, and everything indicates that the show can become a unique creation of Marvel. It looks like a journey through the multiverse awaits the audience, and it will obviously not take place on a cheerful note. Throughout the video, there is an alarming tone that gives the impression that Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff may be on the verge of mental breakdown.

The mood inspired legendary digital artist BossLogic, who shared a spooky poster for the upcoming show on Instagram. On it, the Scarlet Witch appears in a canon mask with pointed edges, but instead of her face, you can see Wanda and Vision, who are smiling fakely, sitting next to each other in the style of old sitcoms. Goosebumps are already running from such a sight, but the artist did not stop there and added eyes glowing with an ominous red light to the heroes.

BossLogic also shared his thoughts on the plot of the series. He believes that Wanda will be trapped in her own mind after trying to escape from reality and create an alternative version of what happened, in which he and Vision can be together. At the same time, according to the artist, each of the episodes will receive its own timeline, forming a semblance of a multiverse, which will eventually become the basis for the movie “Doctor Strange: In the multiverse of madness.”

Of course, these are only guesses, because the plot of the show is kept in the strictest confidence. We only know that “WandaVision” combines the style of classic sitcoms and the MCU, and the main characters live an ideal life in the suburbs until they begin to suspect that things are not really what they think. The series has no official release date yet.

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