Pentagon urges Turkey to buy military equipment from the United States

Washington is aware of reports of possible deliveries of Russian Su-35 and Su-57 aircraft to Ankara, US Deputy defense Minister for political Affairs John Rood said.
WASHINGTON – The United States is aware of reports of possible deliveries of Russian Su-35 and Su-57 aircraft to Turkey and considers this issue an internal matter of Ankara itself, but calls on the Turkish authorities to purchase American equipment. This was stated on Tuesday by the US under Secretary of defense for political Affairs John Rood, speaking at an event in Washington dedicated to missile defense.
“I am aware of reports about it. Of course, we are proud of the American systems that we have developed and that are deployed in this country. We would like to encourage our Turkish partners to purchase them so that they would give preference to US-made machinery and equipment that would have interoperability. We encourage them to move in this direction, ” he said, answering a question about how the possible purchase of the Su-35 and Su-57 could affect the military cooperation between the US and Turkey. “But, of course, Turkey is a sovereign country. They make their own decisions. But we are ready to cooperate with them in this direction,” Rud added.
“Turkey is a long-standing ally of the United States, as well as a member of NATO; we have regular contacts with them. For example, I maintain regular contacts with my colleague in Ankara. This is an area in which our defense agencies have a long history of cooperation, including in the air force,” the Deputy Minister also stressed.

Author: Flyn Braun
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