Pentagon publishes eight more materials about incidents with UFOs

The Pentagon has published eight more materials about incidents with UFOs. They investigate these reports and note that it’s too early to “draw conclusions about extraterrestrial intelligence”.

The U.S. Navy has published several other materials related to meetings with unidentified flying objects. This time, they also include descriptions of the pilots who met these objects. According to documents, eight incidents occurred between June 27, 2013, and February 13, 2019. Material about this was published in the New York Times.

Data on this was contained in non-public safety reports of the Navy. They were published in response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act following requests from several media outlets. Some of the incidents were reported earlier, the New York Times writes, but this “hazardous situation reports” describes exactly what the pilots faced.

A hazard report is a standard document that is prepared when a pilot is confronted with a potentially dangerous situation in the sky. The Navy monitors these reports to get an idea of ​​what is happening in the US airspace and what dangers a pilot may face.

According to one report, on March 26, 2014, a Super Hornet pilot collided with an “unknown plane, which was apparently small in size, about the size of a silver suitcase.” At that time, not a single aircraft was allowed into the airspace, and the Navy hardly tracked this object on its radar. “The object was so small that it was almost impossible to detect with the naked eye at a distance. This is a serious security issue, ”they said.

A little less than a month later, on April 23, another Super Hornet pilot collided with two unidentified flying objects. The military could not identify these objects or determine who controls them. One report mentions that “it is urgent to determine what kind of device it is before it leads to [a collision in the air]”. Also, the pilots demanded that the operation of [unmanned aerial vehicles] and other air devices should be properly coordinated and brought to the attention of other pilots.

The Pentagon notes that they have not yet been able to determine what kind of devices they are, but it is too early to draw conclusions about “extraterrestrial intelligence”. They note that they released their videos “in order to clarify any misconceptions to the public about whether the footage being distributed is real”.