Pentagon chief: we are doing everything to protect the 2020 election from foreign interference

According to Mark Esper, the electoral process in the United States is protected from external influence.

The Ministry of defense is doing everything possible to guarantee the protection of elections in 2020. On Friday, at a press conference at the Pentagon, said US Secretary of defense Mark Esper.

When asked by a journalist about what additional measures are being taken to protect the upcoming elections, and whether the Pentagon is concerned about “specifically taken countries,” including “Russia or Ukraine,” Mark Esper said that he could not go into details, since most of this information is classified.

The Department of defense, Esper said, is involved in overall government efforts to protect the election, including through cyber Command and other Pentagon units. Thus, Esper said, it was possible to prevent interference in the 2018-midterm elections.

“We continue to monitor, and rest assured that we understand what kind of threats these are, and we are studying these threats, their origin. The main thing is that we preserve the integrity of our democratic process; our elections are free from external influence. I am sure that we are doing everything possible right now to ensure that this will be the case in 2020,” the Pentagon chief said.

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