Penguin escaped killer whales by jumping into a boat to tourists. Video

Blogger Matt Carsten, 40, and his wife Anna, 32, witnessed an unusual situation during an iceberg tour in the Gerlach Strait in Antarctica.

A group of killer whales swam up to the excursion boats when tourists noticed a lone penguin in the water. Predators immediately opened a hunt for him, and the penguin struggled to rush between killer whales and tourists on boats.

Apparently, the penguin realized that he would still be safer with people, and tried to jump into one of the boats. But the first attempt was unsuccessful, and he fell into the water again. But for the second time, the penguin managed to carry out his plan – the tourists helped him get on board.

The killer whales, having lost their prey, quickly swam away, and the penguin swam a little more on the boat, jumped into the water and went on about his business, writes The Sun.

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