Pence said he would welcome Flynn’s return to the administration

Earlier, the Justice Department dropped criminal charges against former trump national security adviser.

US Vice President Mike Pence said on Sunday that he would welcome Michael Flynn back to the trump administration after the Justice Department’s recent decision to drop criminal charges against the former national security adviser.

During an interview with the Axios news site, Pence was asked if he would like Flynn to work for President Donald trump again.

“For my part, I would be happy to see Michael Flynn again,” Pence said.

Pence’s statement could pave the way for Flynn, a retired Lieutenant General and adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign staff, to return to the President’s entourage if the court grants the Justice Department’s request.

The charges were brought against Flynn as part of an investigation led by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. The subject of the inquiry was Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

Flynn initially pleaded guilty and promised to cooperate with the prosecution, but then hired new lawyers and changed his position.

On Thursday, the Justice Department asked a judge to drop criminal charges against Flynn. This drew criticism from Democrats and others who accused attorney General William Barr of unlawfully protecting Trump’s friends and associates.

It is unclear what the judge’s decision will be.

Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, told Fox News on Sunday that she expects district judge Emmet Sullivan to support the Justice Department’s request in the coming week.

In April, Trump told reporters that he could re-hire Flynn.

Democratic lawmakers have called on the Justice Department’s internal oversight body to investigate the situation with the Flynn case.