Pence refused to review the results of the presidential election

The Vice President of the United States will preside over a joint meeting of the upper and lower houses of Congress, at which the results of the electoral vote will be approved.

US Vice President Michael Pence refuses to review the November 3 presidential election results, which was won by Democrat Joseph Biden. This was reported by The Hill newspaper, citing court documents.

They say that lawyers for Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert (from Texas) reported that Pence rejected their request to join the attempt to review the presidential election results. Gohmert on Monday filed a lawsuit in Texas against Pence, trying to prove that the vice president has the exclusive right to determine which members of the electoral college will be considered at a joint meeting on January 6, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the US Congress when officially approving the results of the vote of the college, held on December 14.

The lawsuit essentially asks the court to grant Pence the right on January 6 to cancel the results of the presidential election in swing states such as Arizona and to oblige Congress to count Republican electors who voted for Trump during the alternative, unrecognized vote instead of those who voted for Biden during the official vote count. Court documents note that Gohmert’s representatives contacted Pence before filing the lawsuit, but the consultations did not lead to any agreement. The Vice President himself has not publicly commented on the situation.

Pence, who, like President Donald Trump, represents the Republican Party of the United States, will preside over a joint meeting of Congress’s upper and lower houses. The results of the electoral vote will be approved. The fact is that the Vice President, according to the US Constitution, is the President of the Senate.

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