Pence is willing to accept 25 the amendment for the removal of Trump

US Vice President Mike Pence did not rule out that the 25th Amendment of the Constitution may be applied to the country’s current president, Donald Trump if the head of state becomes “more unstable.” CNN reports this with reference to a source in the entourage of the Vice president.

The publication’s interlocutor said that such a development of events could not be ruled out this week. The TV channel source also said that there is some concern in the Pence team that there is a risk of invoking the 25th Amendment or even the impeachment process since Trump may take some rash actions, putting the country at risk.

Earlier, CNBC, citing sources, reported that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discussed the possibility of applying the 25th Amendment to Trump.

It was noted that the discussion of the issue was informal. Then the panelists concluded that the procedure for removing Trump would take “too much time.” The parties also called it unclear the possibility of applying the amendment by heads of departments not approved in the Senate and working with the prefix “acting.” Another concern was the suggestion that Trump’s ouster could further inflame tensions among his supporters and make the incumbent a hero of the far-right, doing more harm in the long run than good in the short term, sources told CNBC.

Before that, Trump’s resignation was supported by representatives of the US Democratic Party, in particular, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and the head of the House Committee on Judicial Affairs Jerry Nadler.

According to the US Constitution, the 25th Amendment provides for the automatic transfer of power to the country’s vice president if he and most of the presidential administration declare the current head of state’s incapacity.

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