Pence accused Russia and China of developing space weapons

The space race started in the 50s continues. Despite growing competition from the Russian Federation and China, the US is leading in it, US Vice President Mike Pence said at a National Space Council meeting.

“Space is a vacuum, but in matters of national security, we do not operate in a vacuum. The space race started in the 50s continues, we are leading, but we are not alone,” the US Vice President said.

According to him, “China and Russia continue to develop space weapons.”

“Russia earlier this year demonstrated space-based anti-satellite weapons, China created a new crewed station, and their unmanned spacecraft will return samples (of soil) from the moon in the coming weeks,” Pence said.

According to him, “China is rapidly becoming a serious competitor (to the United States) in space, as well as in other areas of the economy on Earth.”

He recalled that it was to protect US interests in space that the space forces were created. “This is a competition that we are winning today and will continue to win for generations to come,” Pence said.

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