Pelosi called for Trump’s immediate removal from power

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for the removal of US President Donald Trump before the end of his term on January 20.

According to Pelosi, who spoke at a press conference, Trump committed “subversive actions” and should be removed in accordance with the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution on the president’s inability to perform his duties.

“The President of the United States is a very dangerous person who should not be in office. This is the most urgent priority,” Pelosi said.

Under the amendment, if Vice President Mike Pence and most of Trump’s cabinet declare him incapacitated, Pence will automatically become acting president, and then the case will go to Congress. Even if Congress delays a decision, Pence will be acting president for the duration of the review.

“If the vice president and cabinet don’t act, Congress may be ready to move down the path of impeachment,” Pelosi said at a news conference.

The amendment was adopted after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and is aimed at resolving situations where illness or death prevents the president from either performing his duties or resigning. Simultaneously, there is a theoretical possibility to use the amendment against the president, who is in his right mind but does not want to resign.

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