Pelosi called a permit to travel from the UK to the USA weird

WASHINGTON – The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, considers it “strange” to exclude the UK from the list of European countries whose air services are suspended by the US on Friday, she said at a briefing on Thursday.

“Last night, Vice President Pence and Dr. Fauci (head of the Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases of the National Institutes of health Anthony Fauci) called to inform me (about the imposed restriction on entry from European countries). Dr. Fauci said that this is a scientific and medical decision, I trust him, but it’s just strange,” Pelosi said, commenting on the decision of the US administration to exclude the UK from the list of European countries against which the measure was taken.

“They say: this is because it is easy to move between these countries (the countries of the Schengen area), but they are separated from the UK. However, you cross the channel – and you are in England,” the speaker of the House of Representatives was surprised.

Earlier on Wednesday, in a televised address to the nation, President Trump, due to the spread of the coronavirus, banned entry to the United States from March 13 for 30 days to all foreigners who have visited the Schengen visa zone, which includes 26 States, in the past two weeks. The White House explained that, according to the administration’s assessment, the EU did not respond enough to the coronavirus. The EU, in turn, reported that the US authorities did not coordinate this step with them and did not even warn about it. The European Commission is not going to take any immediate response and intends to analyze the possible impact of this ban on the EU.

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