Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills became engaged to boyfriend Mike Dickman

Today it became known that 53-year-old ex-wife of one of the founders of The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, shortly before Christmas, exchanged engagement rings with her 36-year-old boyfriend Mike Dickman.

It is known that the film producer proposed to the former model and businesswoman 18 months after they met. According to insiders, the lovers perceive their engagement as an informal act and do not plan to enter into an official marriage yet.

Heather and Mike are incredibly happy. It’s nice to see the smile on her face again after all these years. They are truly in love with each other. Heather confessed to her friends that she considers her boyfriend to be the greatest love of her life, while Mike just does not like her soul and is completely devoted to her. Heather is young at heart and gets along very well with his girlfriends. The 17-year age difference is not a problem for them, – said a source in an interview with The Sun.

Heather Mills’ engagement with her boyfriend became known 13 years after her scandalous divorce from Paul McCartney. The musician and the model met in 1999 (six years after the terrible accident in which Heather lost part of her left leg) and got married in 2002. A year after the wedding, their daughter Beatrice was born.

However, Heather and Paul’s family happiness did not last long: since 2006 they lived separately, and in 2008 they completed the divorce proceedings, which was recognized as one of the most expensive at that time. Initially, Heather insisted on compensation for 125 million pounds, but in the end, the court gave her only a fifth of this amount – 24.3 million pounds. Mills also received £ 35,000 a year for babysitting and school expenses for their daughter, Beatrice.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney’s divorce has been widely discussed in the press. Many accused the former model of marrying a musician to cash in on his large fortune. Heather herself denied these rumours, claiming that she had always lived a simple life: she flew economy class, did not use the services of professional stylists and makeup artists and preferred democratic clothing brands.

At the same time, in an interview with the Daily Mail, Heather said that, on the contrary, she lost a lot due to her divorce from McCartney, and even called it a more traumatic experience than losing a leg in an accident.

What happened to me after the divorce … Losing a leg was easier than dealing with it. I have devoted my whole life to fundraising for charities, but I was asked to leave all the foundations because I was considered toxic, Heather recalled in 2010.

In the same conversation, Mills stated that she would never marry again. She called it the only thing that she is now sure of.

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