Paul McCartney named the reason for the breakup of The Beatles

One of the creators of the Beatles, Paul McCartney, dispelled a popular myth about the reasons for the collapse of the band.

He stressed that the widespread belief that the members of the group hated each other at the time of the group’s dissolution is not true. According to the musician, The Beatles were “family.”

“And in families there are disputes, there are disagreements. And some people want to do one thing, and some people want to do something else. So I think the breakup happened after one of these arguments,” McCartney said in an interview with GQ.

The Beatles were founded in 1960. It featured John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Stuart Sutcliffe, Pete Best, and Jimmy Nichol also participated in the band at various times. In total, the band has released 13 studio albums.

Rolling Stone magazine recognized the members of The Beatles as the greatest artists of all time. In 1970, the team stopped working together.