Patriots, Titans or Ravens? Who Needs Julio Jones More?

As soon as the news hit that Julio Jones wanted out of the Atlanta Falcons, all of the NFL jumped to the idea of being able to land one of the best WR’s in the league. NFL betting lines experts are already on the lookout to see where Julio Jones will end up because it automatically means that team will get a definite bump up in the potential wins rankings. 

Now while yes, a player like Jones can draw up interest from any and every team in the league it’s only a few that can actually see themselves making a true move for the former Alabama star. Be it because they have the cap space, they have the draft capital or the potential is just too much to avoid, teams like the Patriots, Titans and Ravens are standing out in the chase for Jones and here’s why.

New England Patriots

So we can all agree that the New England Patriots really were a shadow of what they once were last season, right? And even with everything that went down after losing Tom Brady to the Buccaneers, the Patriots still had a sort of decent run in the season. Yes, they didn’t make the playoffs but they had some decent outings with Cam Newton as their new QB. As soon as the season was over Bill Belichick knew that it was time to get to work in order to become a threat in the AFC once again. 

The Patriots caused an immediate splash once the free agency market opened, signing a slew of battle proven veterans to help both Cam Newton and prospective future starter Mac Jones with their jobs. While the signings were ok, none of them compare even remotely to what signing a player like Julio Jones can mean. Remember when Belichick decided to give Randy Moss a second chance in the NFL, it’s not hard to realize that Julio Jones can easily be the second coming of that story in New England.

Tennessee Titans

Oh man the idea of an offense with both Julio Jones and Derrick Henry automatically makes every NFL fan salivate. It’s not really hard to imagine Jones in the Titans if you look at the facts. The Titans can basically offer Jones everything he could ever wish for to jump ship from the NFC to the AFC. Apart from the fact that the Titans can offer Jones a perennial stay in the playoff scene for seasons to come, the idea of pairing up with former Alabama alum Derrick Henry, just like in their recent workout videos is too good to pass up on.

Tennessee won’t necessarily need to break the bank or give up major draft capital here with a first round pick in next year’s draft probably being an offer that the Falcons will have a hard time letting slide. Man, an offensive core consisting of Tannehill, Henry, AJ Brown and Julio Jones, that just sounds nasty good. Tennessee would be dumb to not make it happen if the option opens up.

Baltimore Ravens

What makes the Baltimore Ravens a great team? Two things, their ground and pound defense that is always seen as one of the more elite units in the league and Lamar Jackson. What has stopped the Baltimore Ravens from reaching their full potential and becoming the true AFC threat they aspire to be and give the Chiefs, Bills and Browns a true run for their money? Their lack of weapons for Lamar Jackson to use. Now imagine if that could be changed by bringing in Julio Jones as WR1 for Baltimore. I know, it sounds crazy good.

Lamar Jackson is one of the three most exciting players in the NFL. His skillset sometimes borders on genius and ridiculous both at the same time. Now imagine pitting him up with one of the best all-around wide receivers that the NFL has seen in the last few years. Where does the problem lie in a move like this? Baltimore has literally no cap space to take the hit of bringing in Julio Jones, so they would have to offer up a pretty good draft capital bounty to make it happen. And for the Falcons Jones is not worth just a 1st round pick, if they take draft picks they want a haul because at the end of the day Julio is worth it.

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