Patients with COVID-19 are simultaneously infected with other respiratory viruses

Patients with COVID-19 are often infected with other respiratory viruses. This conclusion was made by Ian Brown, MD from Stanford School of Medicine, writes Medicalxpress.

According to studies, one in five people with COVID-19 is infected with other common respiratory viruses. In addition, one in ten people who are brought to the emergency room with symptoms of a respiratory illness and diagnosed with this, is subsequently infected with a new coronavirus.

Doctors note that at the moment, doctors who diagnosed patients with infection with other viruses refused to further test a person for COVID-19.

“In some cases, a patient with respiratory symptoms may be first tested for the presence of a virus that is not associated with COVID. If there is a diagnosis of influenza or rhinovirus or another respiratory virus, the hospital may prescribe the patient without COVID testing, concluding that this diagnosis is the cause of the symptoms”.

Stanford School of Medicine, Ian Brown, Doctor of Medical Sciences

In a study of 562 people, 517 were also tested for other common respiratory viruses, such as type A and B flu, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, adenovirus, and several types of pneumonia. 127 people tested positive for one of these viruses. At the same time, 8.7% of them were also infected with a new type of coronavirus.

Author: Flyn Braun
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