Paris Hilton started the artificial insemination procedure

39-year-old Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, entrepreneur Carter Reum, are ready to start a new relationship phase. The couple is planning to have a baby. The singer cannot conceive naturally, so they resorted to the IVF procedure. The performer spoke about this in the podcast of Mary Schiavocampo.

“He’s just the guy of my dreams … Carter is 100% the same person. We talk about the wedding all the time, come up with a name for our child and all that. So, I am very glad, because I can just move on and finally live for real, ”shared Paris.

She noted that before the conversation with her friend Kim Kardashian, who, by the way, had previously worked as her personal assistant, did not know anything about the artificial insemination procedure. “I get IVF because I can choose twins if I want. Interestingly, Kim was the one who told me about this. I didn’t know anything, ”Hilton said.

It is worth adding that it was Kardashian who advised the singer to freeze the eggs. Paris admitted that it was not easy for her to decide, but she has already completed the procedure. “It was hard, but I knew it was worth it. I’ve done it a couple of times, ”she said.

The performer’s beloved supports her desires and actions. The couple has known each other for 10 years, but they began a romantic relationship only a year ago after Thanksgiving. “I really believe that family and children are the meaning of life. And I haven’t had a chance to experience it, because I didn’t feel that someone deserves such love from me, but now I have found such a person, ” Paris concluded.

Author: Sam Smith
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