Paris Hilton recalled a humiliating interview with Letterman

After the release of the Britney Spears documentary, the public began to pay attention to how journalists and TV presenters influence the formation of the image of celebrities.

Users discuss how the tactlessness and curiosity of the former affect the reputation of the latter. Now special attention is paid to the archival interviews of David Letterman, who managed to offend Lindsay Lohan with questions about drugs and discourage Jennifer Aniston, literally taking a lock of her hair in his mouth.

Now the list of “victims” of Letterman has been supplemented by Paris Hilton, who spoke about an interview in 2007, during which David endlessly asked her about her stay in prison, where she spent 23 days for driving without a license and violation of probation (before that Paris was given three years conditionally for drunk driving).

In the podcast This is Paris, Hilton noted that with her short answers and a look, she made Letterman understand that she was not happy with his questions, but that did not help. A few months after this interview, Paris came out with a new scent, and the Letterman team contacted her again.

“My guys agreed with him that we will only talk about my perfume and will not touch on that topic [about the prison] at all. But during the broadcast, he continued to dig as if he deliberately wanted to humiliate me. During commercial breaks, I asked him: “Please, stop, you promised.” It was very mean and cruel. After the show, I told him: “I will never come to you again. You have crossed all the boundaries”, – Paris complained.

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