Pandemic: in Brazil, a record number of deaths per day, Egypt resumes tourism, but “for their own”

From the coronavirus in the world died 257 301 people. The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 3 million 664 thousand 11 people. These are the data from Johns Hopkins University.

Brazil recorded a record number of deaths per day-600. The total number of fatalities is 7958. According to the Ministry of health, the causes of more than 1.5 thousand deaths, which may also be associated with this infection, have not yet been clarified. There were 6,935 confirmed cases of the disease, with the total number increasing to 114,715. According to this indicator, Brazil is one of the 10 most-affected countries in the world. 48,221 people were cured.

It is worth noting that the country’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, is an ardent opponent of quarantine measures. In his opinion, for most people, the coronavirus is not dangerous, and it will still infect 70% of the population.

“Well? Sorry. I am, of course, Messiahs (another name Bolsonaro, translated from Portuguese as “Messiah, anointed”). Still, I do not know how to work miracles,” the politician commented on the number of victims of COVID — 19 in his country.

In the United States, the total number of confirmed cases of infection exceeded 1 million 200 thousand. 71,078 people died. In an interview with ABC, trump doubted that the vaccine would be able to be created before the end of the year, but noted that “there are excellent chances.” He called the decision to “close the country,” the most critical decision, which saved “millions of lives.”

The UK on Tuesday came out on top in Europe for the number of deaths from COVID-19. In total, there are 196,243 confirmed cases in the country; 29.5 thousand people died. Claudia Paoloni, President of the medical staff Association of hospital trade union has called for a public inquiry in which the government must explain how it allowed the highest death rate in Europe, the BBC reports.

In France, the number of deaths from the effects of coronavirus increased by 330 people in a day. A total of 25,531 people have died since the beginning of the epidemic, of which 16,060 have been killed in hospitals. In nursing homes, 9471 people died from COVID-19, RFI reports. Yesterday, President Macron commented on the opening of borders. According to him, the opportunity to travel abroad will be limited in the summer. “We will try to stay within the EU or even a more restricted zone,” Macron said. He said that it would be possible to say more precisely only in early June when it will be clear how the removal of the quarantine will affect the dynamics of the epidemic.

In China, two new cases of infection were registered in a day. Both are imported, according to the national health Commission. No one died from COVID-19 in the country during the day. In total, 82,883 infections have been recorded in the country since the beginning of the epidemic, and 4,633 people have died.

Egypt resumes domestic tourism on May 15. At the first stage, hotel occupancy will be 25%, followed by an increase to 50% by the beginning of June. Guests will also be required to follow security rules. The total number of reported cases of infection is 7201, 452 people died.

In Estonia, from the beginning of May, from 1 to 8, cases of COVID-19 per day are registered. The country plans to resume the work of educational institutions from May 15. From May 18, public meetings will be allowed in the country. At the same time, people should adhere to the rules recommended by WHO. In total, 1711 cases of infection were recorded in the country, 55 people died.


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