Pandemic every 100 years: a plague of 1720, cholera of 1820, Spanish flu of 1920, coronavirus of 2020

It’s possible that this is just a coincidence. But what if it not? Maybe someone is behind all this? In the modern world, given the coronavirus epidemic, there is probably no one left who does not have these questions. The theory that there is another pandemic on the planet every 100 years has been around for a very long time. Of course, you can call all this a simple coincidence, but the chronology is very alarming.

Let’s turn to history

Many modern researchers claim that the current situation with the coronavirus, which is actively spreading around the planet, is very similar to the events that took place in the past centuries. And, according to historical data, this situation is repeated exactly 100 years later.

1720-the plague

In 1720, the whole of Europe was covered by a terrible epidemic of bubonic plague, nicknamed “the plague of Marseilles.” As a result of this epidemic in 1720, more than 100 thousand people died.


Exactly 100 years after the bubonic plague epidemic, the planet was hit by a cholera epidemic that appeared in Asian countries, in particular in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

It is also considered a strange historical coincidence that about 100 thousand people also died as a result of this epidemic. And the reason for its occurrence is indicated by the use of raw contaminated water from natural sources.

1920-Spanish flu

This epidemic, which also began a century apart, is well documented in history, much better than the previous ones, and until now it was considered the last serious pandemic.

The Spanish flu has claimed the lives of a record number of people. If the previous epidemics killed about 100 thousand people from each, then the Spanish flu affected about a billion people, of which about 100 million died.

 At the moment, this particular epidemic in the history of mankind is considered the deadliest.


And here is the present time, 2020. Again, exactly 100 years have passed since the last pandemic, and now the coronavirus that appeared in China is actively spreading across the planet. The causes of this disease are called different. Some sources claim that people in China have contracted the coronavirus due to eating snakes, while other sources report eating bats.

According to scientists, today the rapid deterioration of the situation is facilitated by the availability of modern technologies, as well as air travel, thanks to which the virus is spreading around the world at a terrible speed. How all this will end, no one knows today. But, given the historical chronology, and this clear interval between terrible epidemics-exactly 100 years, the question arises – is this an accident? After all, the situation is repeated for the fourth time.

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