Panasonic has come up with a vacuum cleaner to find lost headphones

Panasonic has come up with a device that will help you quickly get your lost wireless headphones.

First of all, the miracle technique is designed to search for headphones on subway and train platforms. It is estimated that from July to September of this year in Tokyo alone, nearly 950 people at 78 stations dropped their wireless headphones and other small objects onto the train tracks while exiting a train or standing on a platform.

Until now, the return of these items has been difficult and time-consuming, involving the station attendant. To get them, they used a special device like tongs with a long handle, but it is easier for them to get something larger: bottles, bags, etc. And the headphones were more often stuck between large pieces of gravel.

But now the Japanese corporation Panasonic and the East Japan Railway (JR East) have launched a joint project for such unlucky passengers. They use a device like a vacuum cleaner that sucks small objects with no problem. The first test at one of the JR East stations in Tokyo proved the prototype’s effectiveness.

In the future, Panasonic plans to separately release a headphone attachment for customers who drop devices not only at stations but also at home or outdoors.

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