Pamela Anderson calls vegans “best lovers”

Pamela Anderson recently wrote a series of tweets in which she discussed how a vegan diet (avoiding animal foods) could affect sexual performance.

Shortly after these publications, the actress was invited to the Good Morning Britain show, where the hosts decided to discuss her statements about veganism with her. One of the hosts, Pierce Morgan, noted that he is not a fan of the plant-based diet.

“I’m a meat-eater, and I can assure you that we can be fun [in bed] too,” he said to Pamela.

Anderson stressed that her sexual performance has improved since she went vegan (about 30 years ago). “Cholesterol makes the arteries narrower and tighter. I am vegan, and I am confident in this statement, ” said Pamela.

Next, Dr Hilary Jones joined the conversation, who noted the importance of literacy in nutrition.

“You can be vegan but still chew chips all day. If you know enough about veganism, you can get all the nutrients a person needs. But this is quite difficult. So you can be vegan, but you will still have high cholesterol if you eat the wrong food. As for red meat, because of its frequent consumption, arteries can indeed be damaged, ”Jones concluded.

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