Pamela Anderson calls for closure of fur factories due to COVID-19

If a few decades ago, Pamela Anderson was associated with her heroine in a red tight swimsuit from the television series “Rescuers Malibu”, today the actress leads an active social policy and protects animal rights around the world.

The star wrote an official letter to the Prime Minister of British Columbia asking them to close fur factories due to the mutated COVID-19 virus that was found in animals. It turned out that on farms around the world, including Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States, cases of human infection of mink were recorded.

PETA, represented by Pamela Anderson, has posted a video showing the conditions for keeping minks. “Dirty fur farms, filled with sick animals trapped in trash-filled cages, are the ideal breeding ground for deadly diseases,” – quotes the American star Etcanada.

Pamela added that the world had changed dramatically over the past few months, but “no one, including minks, deserves to die from COVID-19.” We will remind, in early November it became known that on the farms of Denmark, the largest supplier of mink fur in the world, cases of the mutated virus in animals were recorded. The Danish authorities have decided to exterminate the animals, the number of which reaches 17 million. This caused a great public outcry.

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