Ozzy Osbourne’s wife fired from talk show over racist charges

TV presenter Sharon Osbourne, wife of popular rock singer Ozzy Osbourne, was fired from a talk show on the American television channel CBS after her co-host accused her of racism. This was announced in a statement by the broadcaster.

CBS also announced that it would be taking the talk show off the air pending an investigation. Regarding Osborne, the broadcaster stated that her behaviour “does not align with values,” which imply respect for colleagues at work.

CBS also claims that it has not found any evidence that the scandal on the air was “rigged” by the producers. Simultaneously, the channel admits that the presenters were not properly prepared “for a complex and sensitive discussion of racial issues.”

The scandal occurred on the air on March 10. Osborne’s black co-host Cheryl Underwood accused her of endorsing racist views because Osborne supported her friend, TV presenter Pierce Morgan, who criticized the interview with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

Markle told Oprah Winfrey that her mental health deteriorated during her time with the royal family, and she had thoughts of suicide. Morgan, commenting on his show’s interview, said that he “does not believe a single word” Markle. He also accused Prince Harry and his wife of destroying everything the queen was building. After that, Morgan was fired from the show.

The discussion between Osborne and Underwood was in a raised voice. Osborne said they would put her in the electric chair just because she had a friend who was considered a racist. She demanded that Underwood explain exactly what Morgan’s statements she considered racist. The co-host said that it was not about words but feelings.

Osborne later reiterated that she did not consider herself a racist and urged not to draw such conclusions only based on an argument with a black colleague.

Osborne has worked on CBS talk shows since its founding in 2010. CNN notes that one of Osborne’s former co-hosts claimed that she made racist and homophobic statements about her colleagues’ past.

Author: Sam Smith
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