Owner beat up bear to save his dog

In the US state of Nevada, a man fought with a bear and saved the life of his dog, which was attacked by a predator, reports CBS13.

Kaleb Benham said that his pet named Buddy was playing on the street near the house. At some point, the man heard a strange sound. Outside, he saw the bear dragging the dog by the head. According to the young man, he was afraid, but the fear did not paralyze him.

“I just ran up, jumped on the bear, grabbed it by the throat, and started hitting it in the face and eyes while it (the dog) did not let go,” Benham explained.

The man was not injured in the fight with the bear. After the incident, he took the injured animal to a veterinary clinic, where the dog underwent surgery. The dog is on the mend. It turned out that Benham had taken Buddy from the orphanage a few years ago.

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