Overweight Drew Barrymore could not button her skirt

The problem of overweight worries celebrity stars. Someone refers to this with humour, while someone falls into depression and begins to torment themselves with all kinds of diets.

Famous actress Drew Barrymore offered a neat way not to get upset. On Instagram, the star of the movie “Alien” posted a true video from a fitting room, where she beautifully poses in a polka-dot blouse and a new skirt with an original cut. The actress looks gorgeous, but after she turns her back to the viewer in the frame, you can see that the top button on the skirt is not buttoned, since the fashionable thing does not converge at the waist.

So, the 45-year-old actress honestly admitted that all this happened as a result of the fact that she was “seized by stress” and urged viewers not to believe everything that is shown to them on the screen. The real picture may not always coincide with reality. For example, to prevent the skirt from flying off Barrymore, it was secured with an elastic band.

Drew reached out to her subscribers to get their opinion on this matter. She was answered by Sharon Stone, who jokingly wrote: “You are beautiful, dear, do not let your waistline rule you. By the way, me too! “ This isn’t the first time Drew has struggled with being overweight. The actress admitted that between filming, she often gains weight, which she then has to get rid of in various ways. At the same time, the star treats the problem objectively and reacts to evil attacks with humour.

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