Over a thousand World of Warcraft players will organize an unusual event for the sake of the entire community

Over a thousand World of Warcraft players will start from scratch on the Classic servers to reload the gaming experience.

Nicknamed The Fresh Crusade, the event has already signed up 1,300 players from seven guilds. On Friday, March 5th, they will go to the sparsely populated PvP server, where they will create new characters for themselves and start the adventure anew.

What for? According to the organizer of the event Caszhar, in this way players want to “reload” WoW Classic, which suffers from bots and a bloated economy in many game worlds.

There are bots in World of Warcraft that allow you to automate some of the processes, like battles, gathering resources, and so on. As a result, players who try to make money on their own by collecting professions are pushed out of the market. Bots overtake them corny.

This leads to economic inflation caused by botting and prices rise. As a result, players cannot afford the necessary components for the same craft at the auction, which forces them to invest real money.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bots on WoW Classic servers with a high population of players. At the same time, on a few servers, the economy is not so bloated, because players do not buy gold.

“When we all start all over again, the economy will be more balanced compared to servers with a large or medium population”.

Caszhar said

In addition, players who plan to return to World of Warcraft after a long hiatus will feel more confident with fewer high-level characters around. This is especially true, since in 2021 the Burning Crusade add-on will come to classic servers.

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