Orlando Bloom in short shorts caused a hot discussion on the web

Orlando Bloom’s outing to the store on the eve of Thanksgiving has been the main topic of discussion for his fans over the past week. The paparazzi caught the actor when he was carrying bags to the car. Everything would be fine, but Bloom was in short shorts, which opened the lower part of his body from a new side to the fans.

In the photo, it is noticeable that Orlando’s hips have noticeably increased and strengthened – the actor clearly did not waste time during the quarantine period. Some fans were surprised that Bloom chose these short shorts for the trip to the store, which you rarely see on anyone in everyday life.

Fresh photos of Orlando instantly scattered across the web. Fans suggest that the actor can prepare for a new project, so he is assiduously gaining muscle mass. But already at this stage, he managed to impress the audience.

Three months ago, Bloom became a dad for the second time: his beloved Katy Perry gave birth to a daughter, who was named Daisy Dove. In a recent interview, Orlando noted that they were fortunate with the child because the baby easily calms down and sleeps at night.

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