Orlando Bloom “caught” on the hunt for Prince George

The actor, without knowing it, was involved in a dirty story.

Orlando Bloom was embroiled in a dirty scandal over the eldest heir Keith and William George.

Recently, a trailer for a new project appeared on the Web, dedicated to the life of the future heir to the royal throne. In addition to George himself, mother and father, Prince Charles and even Queen Elizabeth herself appeared in the animated series.

Even then, many Britons were outraged by the trailer.

In the cartoon, George is portrayed as a cheeky villain who is always eager to throw out his own selfishness. The rest of the family was presented no better to the audience.

Many viewers said that their favorite George was openly attacked, which means that the cartoon should be discontinued and drawn again.

Orlando Bloom, who was unlucky enough to voice Prince Harry in this story, was also hooked by a wave of general indignation.

On the Internet, the actor began to write that he “helps to mock the child,” although earlier he himself “drowned” for the confidentiality of his own children.

“Absolute hypocrisy !! Shame on both of you (meaning Sophie Turner, who also took part in the project) for helping to abuse the child “,” Orlando Bloom and Sophie Turner are hypocrites, all for the sake of money, I suppose, ” Networks.

Bloom himself hastened to justify this story. In an interview with UsWeekly, the actor explained that he didn’t want to offend anyone. The performer of many roles himself found participation in the project amusing.

“Katy Perry saw some of the cartoon and said, ‘You have to do this. This is genius”. And the animation was done by the guys who made Family Guy, so it will be very funny. Who doesn’t love the royal family? ” He retorted.

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