OPPO patented a smartphone with a removable camera

On the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website, a description of a new patented device by OPPO has appeared.

This is a smartphone with a modular camera. The camera is made in the form of a separate unit, which can be obtained and used independently at any time. As a result, the camera plays the role of both the main and the front one.

As planned, it turns out something like an action camera. Moreover, the unit supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, has its own NFC chip and a built-in battery for autonomous operation. A USB-C port is also provided.

The patent images show a camera with two sensors and a flash, but the number of modules may vary. Also, in theory, the camera can be replaced with another, more advanced one with a larger number of sensors. Also, the modular design makes repairs easy.

Naturally, while this is just a patent, it is unclear whether OPPO will bring this idea to life. But Vivo already has a similar IFEA concept smartphone with a detachable camera that attaches to the body using a magnetic connection.

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