Open impeachment hearings: second day

Yovanovitch, the former US Ambassador to Ukraine, was dismissed in May this year.

The house intelligence committee has begun its second public hearing in the investigation into the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump. The hearings are public and broadcast live by several American television channels. Today, the focus is on the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch, the former US Ambassador to Ukraine, whom President Donald Trump called “an unpleasant person” in a July phone conversation with the President of Ukraine.

Yovanovitch was dismissed as head of the US diplomatic mission in Kyiv in May. Democrats claim that Yovanovitch was the victim of a campaign orchestrated by Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, who tried to persuade Ukrainian authorities to launch investigations into Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s political opponent, and his son Hunter, who served on the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian company Burisma.

“The powers of the President are enormous, but they are not absolute, and cannot be used for corrupt purposes. The American people expect the President to use the power given to him for the good of the country and not to destroy other people in his personal or political interests,” said Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, opening the hearing with Marie Yovanovitch.

Responding to questions from lawmakers, Marie Yovanovitch said that her consistent support for the fight against corruption has drawn hostility from some corrupt Ukrainian politicians, such as former Ukrainian Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko. She also noted that as US Ambassador to Ukraine, she had no direct or indirect contacts with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

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