Only “The Avengers” and “Star Wars”: Ben Affleck worries about the future of cinemas and cinema

Actor and director Ben Affleck were interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, in which he speculated about how the film industry will change under the influence of the pandemic. The drama “Beyond the Game”, in which he starred, was shown in theaters for just two weeks this year after the pandemic forced the film to be released in digital format.

I don’t know what the reality will be after the pandemic. But the movie business will change. During this time, people used to watch movies at home. And I think it was good for Offside. The opportunity to watch it at home, it seems to me, has attracted more viewers than showing it in cinemas. Who would go to the movies to pay money to watch a sad movie about an alcoholic? People are now accustomed to streaming services. The pandemic only accelerated a trend that already existed.

Most likely, cinemas will show 20-25 films a year. And they will all be massive projects with budgets starting at half a billion dollars, such as Aladdin, Star Wars, or The Avengers. And it will be difficult for other projects to get on the screens. I am not saying that this is for better or for worse, this is my assumption about business development, based on experience and what I see now. You can draw your own conclusions.

It is comforting to me to think that you can buy a 60-inch TV right now for $250. And surround sound systems aren’t that expensive. But I really do not like the idea that all the efforts that you put into working on the film will be evaluated by someone by looking at it on the screen of your mobile phone. I feel a lot will be missed with such a viewing. But, you know, sometimes the future decides for itself what to be, and you have to come to terms with it.

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