“Only my children know my true face”: the unexpected revelation of Angelina Jolie. And what does Meghan Markle have to do with it?

The actress complained that the people around her did not understand her at all.

Voicing elephants on Disney + is becoming a kind of mainstream for the most talked-about women on the planet. A couple of months ago, Meghan Markle’s voiceover served as a kind of “comeback” for the Duchess in a wildlife documentary. And now Angelina Jolie has voiced an aging elephant named Stella in the project “The One and Only Ivan”. The movie about a trained gorilla premiered last week, and now the Hollywood megastar is busy promoting it. Launching “heavy artillery” – revelations about herself.

According to Angelina, the moral of the tape is the importance of keeping promises. “I think that many people recognize themselves in the hero. Each of us is constantly faced with the problem of high expectations. And not everyone can afford to be who they really are”- Jolie shared her lengthy thoughts during an interview with Extra.

The actress found a connection with her own life in the message of the film: “If you asked:“ Do people really know me for who I really am? ”It seems to me that only my children can explain what kind of person I really am. Only they know my true self”.

Angelina’s statements come amid ongoing legal battles over her divorce from Brad Pitt. The actress recently asked to remove the judge.