Only 58% of Europeans want a coronavirus vaccine

Scientists from the University of Zagreb conducted a survey among 25 thousand residents of European countries. They found that 42% of the respondents did not plan to receive the vaccine or did not form a position on this matter.

According to a survey of 25 thousand participants, only 58% of respondents across Europe are ready to receive the SARS-CoV-2 SARS vaccine. 16% expressed no attitude and 26% did not plan to get vaccinated. The researchers note that this attitude towards the vaccine could make the transition to herd immunity “extremely difficult” in Europe.

The researchers added that in order to change the situation, it is necessary to conduct public health education activities on the topic of vaccination. “Only by educating the general public about the benefits, safety and efficacy of vaccines can we hope to avoid prolonging the pandemic,” the scientists note.

The countries with the highest positive response rates are Denmark (80%), UK (79%), Portugal (75%), Italy (74%), Ireland (73%), Netherlands (73%) and Norway (72%) … On the contrary, residents of Hungary (30%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (32%), Montenegro (34%), Ukraine (37%), Slovakia (40.9%), Romania (44%) and Latvia ( 46%).

Scientists are confident that a significant number of European countries will not be able to reach the herd-forming immunity threshold even with 100% effective use of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. They note that herd immunity requires a dramatic change in attitude towards the vaccine by the time it is available.

The researchers also warn that low vaccination rates could have serious health, social and economic implications due to the increased duration of the pandemic.

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