OnePlus smart TVs coming soon in Europe

OnePlus has launched quite a few smart TVs on the market in recent years that only sell in India and China, but that is about to change.

According to the German edition Winfuture, the head of OnePlus Pete Lau (Pete Lau) sent letters to some popular publications. The CEO said the company plans to bring its line of smart TVs to the European market. It looks like OnePlus has decided to follow in Xiaomi’s footsteps. The Chinese manufacturer has recently started selling its TV devices in Europe, and successfully. Unfortunately, Pete Lau has not yet announced the release dates and European prices of new products.

As a reminder, OnePlus now has two lines of smart TVs: premium and budget. The first includes the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 and OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro at 55 inches, while the second includes the OnePlus TV 55 U1, OnePlus TV 43 Y1 and OnePlus TV 32 Y1 at 55, 43 and 32 inches, respectively. All TVs run the Android operating system with the proprietary OxygenOS shell.

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