One of the main problems of quantum computers has been solved

Researchers from Australia have developed a device that allows you to control millions of qubits. This is one of the main problems on the way to creating full-fledged processors for a quantum computer capable of fault-tolerant operation. The work of the scientists is published in the journal Science Advances.

Scientists from the University of New South Wales have solved the problem of how to control millions of qubits without overloading the architecture of a quantum computer with additional wiring and without spending too much electricity and heat. Now, to work with each qubit, individual emitters and receivers of microwave radiation are required, reading and changing the quantum state of the memory cell.

Australian physicists decided to implement the idea put forward in the 1990s of controlling all qubits with a single magnetic field for the entire processor. To do this, they developed a new device — the so-called three-dimensional dielectric resonator, which is a crystal made of a compound of potassium, thallium, and oxygen. It turns the pulse of microwave radiation directed at it into focused vibrations of the magnetic field. According to the researchers, with the help of a dielectric resonator, it will be possible to control the operation of about four million qubits simultaneously.

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