On the moon found a tectonic system

An active tectonic system was found on the moon – scientists from Brown University in the USA stated this. They were able to draw such conclusions after they discovered gaps in the mountain ranges.

Scientists have discovered a system of ridges scattered across the entire surface of the moon, on which there are exposed areas. This may be evidence of active tectonic processes – perhaps this is an echo of prolonged exposure that nearly torn the moon apart.

“There is speculation among scientists that the moon has long been dead, but we continue to believe that it is not,” says Peter Schulz, of Brown University. “From a new study, it is clear that our satellite is still changing – evidence of this can be seen right on its ridges”.

Tectonic system on the moon

Researchers suggest that the reason for the change is that the tectonic plates of the celestial body are still moving. This allows you to destroy the surface, after which regolith from the surface falls into cracks and voids, leaving the moon open.

Most of the surface of the moon is covered with regolith – a powdery substance from the rock, which was formed in the entire history of the celestial body due to the fall of meteorites and other objects. Regolith-free areas are extremely rare, scientists say.

In total, scientists revealed about 500 spots without regolith. According to their theory, tectonic plates continue to move so far. Due to movements, the surface is destroyed, and the regolith moves from voids to cracks. This is the reason for the appearance of open areas on the surface.

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