On the barricades with champagne and foie Gras. As “yellow jackets” met holiday at the crossroads.

In France, hundreds of protesters did not take off their yellow vests for Christmas. Despite the fact that the streets every weekend out fewer and fewer people, activists continue to be on duty at intersections on holidays, trying to “hold out” to the new shares in January. This is written by the French press.

Instead of traditional Christmas trees and Christmas toys on Christmas Eve around the “yellow vests” are road signs, cars and wooden huts. Several hundred activists of the largest protest movement of this year decided to celebrate Christmas not at home, but at the roundabout and the roads on which they blocked the last month and a half. According to the French press, passing by motorists gave” yellow vests ” holiday cakes, foie Gras and even champagne.

“They spent Christmas on the site of their struggle,” the regional newspaper Courier picard begins its report. – In the festive menu: toast with salmon, chips, chicken cooked in a gas oven, and even music with criticism of Emmanuel Macron”. On December 24 “yellow vests” mark in a circle of those with whom they participated in protest actions. But if usually meetings are accompanied by tear gas and burning rubber, then Christmas smells traditionally festive, and on the table — homemade cakes and regional delicacies.

In the small town of Abbeville in Northern France, protesters are happy to communicate with journalists of Radio France, though usually the appearance of the press ends with flame wars and insults “authors of false news”. On Christmas Eve the “yellow vests” are eager to share food and stories: how to tell the activists, almost all of the products they brought motorists, and some have spent on gifts to hundreds of euros. “Last week we were brought firewood, and these cakes were brought this morning. This is a national, universal solidarity, and we have not seen this for a long time,” Anies and Joel share at the Christmas table.

According to the newspaper La Croix, for many “yellow vests” Christmas came “unexpectedly”: the December weekend, for which the French usually decorate the house and buy gifts, protesters spent on the streets with posters. “Many homes do not even have Christmas trees,” says 53 — year-old Marie-Jean.

Some activists go into a wooden hut of “yellow vests” for a few minutes, others — remain here for the whole evening. A former employee of the construction company Didier came to the holiday with his wife and two children: on December 20, the company where he worked, was closed due to problems with documentation. “I have no job, no salary,” he tells to reporters.

Together with other activists, Didier will spend the night near the intersection to prevent the gendarmes to demolishing the improvised barricades. A week before the holidays, interior Minister Christoph Castaner announced that the police will no longer allow road closures. Now law enforcement agencies come to” yellow vests ” 3-4 times a day, but so far are limited only to conversations.

Activists say that they do not leave the crossroads even at Christmas with one goal: to “hold out” until the beginning of January. According to “yellow vests”, after the New Year mass actions can be repeated. On Christmas Eve, over a glass of champagne, protesters say with confidence that they will achieve their main goal — the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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