On average, smartphones transmit personal user data every 4.5 minutes

Researchers in Ireland found that phone user data is sent to the manufacturer every 4.5 minutes. In this case, the devices do not even need to be used.

Android and iPhone smartphones, on average, send data to the manufacturing company every 4.5 minutes, according to a new study. This sends data even if the devices are not being used.

The Dublin study has raised new concerns about smartphone privacy. At the same time, scientists argue that they could not find a significant difference between Apple and Google devices.

In a study conducted by Professor Doug Leith of Trinity’s Connect Center, he concluded that iPhones do not offer more privacy than Google devices.

However, the study notes that Google phones collect “significantly more data about phones than Apple.” On average, 1MB of data is sent from Google Pixel phones every 12 hours, compared to 52KB sent from iPhones.

Among the data that is usually sent from phones is SIM card information and device data such as the serial number of the device, IMEI, Wifi MAC address, and phone number.

“I think most people agree that Apple and Google should collect data from our phones to provide services like iCloud or Google Drive. But when we just use our phones as phones – for making calls and nothing else – it’s much more difficult to understand why Apple and Google should collect data, ”said Leith.

“However, in this study, we found that Apple and Google collect a tremendous amount of information even in this situation. It seems excessive and unnecessary.”

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