Olympic champion Jay Bouwmeester retires after 17 seasons in the NHL

St. Louis Blues defender Canadian Jay Bouwmeester retired at the age of 37, according to The Athletic.

Bowmister passed out on February 11 in the first period of the NHL regular season match against Anaheim.

The hockey player was on the bench and was about to drink water, but at that moment he began to fall slowly. The player was taken to the hospital and regained consciousness during transportation. The match was interrupted when the score was 1: 1, the game was postponed to March 11. Later it became known that Bouwmeester had suffered a heart attack. He was implanted with a cardioverter-defibrillator, which is necessary to restore a normal heart rhythm.

“As soon as all this happened, I knew that my career was over,” said Bouwmeester.

Throughout his career, Bouwmeester played for Florida, Calgary and St. Louis. In total in the NHL, he played 1240 matches and scored 424 points (88 + 336). In 2019, the Canadian won the Stanley Cup with St. Louis. As part of the Canadian national team, the defender became the Olympic champion of Sochi and won the world championship twice.

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