Oculus and Tidal announce VR concert series

Oculus and Tidal will be hosting a series of six concerts in virtual reality (VR) mode. Electropop star Charli XCX will perform first on October 6th.

Anyone will be able to watch concerts in virtual reality mode through the Venues app on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. It is also possible to watch concerts in 2D on Tidal. Each concert will last at least 45 minutes. The list of other artists will be published later.

The companies explained that Livestreams and Fortnite concerts give almost the same sense of belonging as going to a regular concert. They believe that this is a “new reality”, so this is the only way to enjoy music during a pandemic.

During the pandemic, concerts partially moved online – for example, during the first virtual appearance of rapper Travis Scott in the online game Fortnite, the service broke the record for the number of concurrent players – 12.3 million people who listened to the concert. At the same time, Scott’s online concert lasted only 10 minutes. Travis Scott’s concert was also watched via YouTube and Twitch streaming services. On these sites, the performance was watched by 3 million people.

In addition to concerts, rallies were also held in the virtual space – they began in Hong Kong. Over the past year, huge protests have taken place in the city without stopping due to the fact that the authorities published a bill in February that would allow the extradition of people from the city to mainland China.

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