Obama, Clinton, and George W. Bush have spoken out about the storming of the Capitol by protesters

Obama called the storming of the Capitol “a great shame” for America. According to Obama, Trump is responsible for what happened on Capitol Hill, where a crowd of his supporters stormed the Congress building. What happened today will go down in history as America’s day of shame, he said.

Former US President Barack Obama made a statement on the events on Capitol Hill in Washington. According to him, the storming of the Congress building, committed at the instigation of the current president, will go down in US history as a moment of “great shame.”

“History will rightly remember today’s brutality in the Capitol, [resulting from] the instigation of a sitting president who continued to falsely lie about the results of a legitimate election, as a moment of great shame and shame for our nation,” Obama wrote in a message posted on Twitter.

The former US president noted that he does not consider the incident something unexpected. “Over the past two months, the political party [Republicans] and its allied media have too often been unwilling to tell listeners and readers the truth — that this was not a contentious election and that President-elect Biden will be inaugurated on January 20,” he stated. The picture that was described to his readers by media close to the Republicans, Obama called a “fantasy narrative” and a picture far from reality.

According to Obama, Republicans in the current circumstances should take the first step themselves and “put out the growing flame.” He was supported by those supporters of the Republican Party, which opposed the policy of Trump.

In addition to Obama, several other former US presidents also condemned the incident in Washington. Bill Clinton said that the Capitol’s storming by Trump supporters was both an attack on the entire country and the constitution. “This attack was triggered by more than four years of toxic policies that spread deliberate misinformation, sow distrust in our political system, and turn Americans against each other,” Clinton said. He demanded, “to complete the peaceful transfer of power prescribed by the Constitution.”

Former President George W. Bush said he “couldn’t believe my eyes” when I watched the Capitol events. “This is how the election results are contested in the banana republic, not in our country,” he said in a statement. “I was shocked by the reckless behavior of some political leaders after the elections, as well as the disrespect shown today towards our institutions, traditions, and law enforcement agencies,” he added.

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