Obama addressed graduates 2020

Former US President Barack Obama has criticized the way the current administration of Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus epidemic. The current pandemic, according to the 44th President, demonstrated that many politicians “do not even try to pretend to control the situation.”

Obama rarely publicly criticizes the White House and, since 2017, after the expiration of the presidential term, has avoided publicly criticizing his successor. And now the former President did not specifically mention Donald Trump.

Speaking via video link with a parting word to students-graduates of several colleges and universities, where traditionally, since the time of legalized segregation, African-Americans study (HBCU), Obama said that they would enter adulthood under challenging conditions.

“These are special times. You are entering a world that is experiencing a devastating pandemic and a monstrous economic downturn, ” the former President admitted, adding: “If the world gets better, it’s because of you.”
The US economy is following the world economy through the worst recession in modern history. The scale of the disaster is far from clear, but already Congress and the White House have allocated more than $ 3 trillion to fight the epidemic.

The United States has the largest number of COVID-19 victims in the world — about 89,000 people-and there are disproportionately more hospitalizations and victims among the black population than among the white population.
“Let’s be honest: a disease like this only highlights the underlying inequality and the additional difficulties that black people have traditionally had to deal with in our country,” Obama said during an online speech on Saturday. — And we see this disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on our [black] community.”

Obama acknowledged that the injustice faced by African-Americans is not a new phenomenon, and recalled the recent case of the murder in broad daylight in Georgia of an unarmed young man, Ahmad Arbery. He went out for a run in the vicinity of Brunswick, where he was shot by a former police officer and his son. This case, which occurred in February this year, caused another racist scandal in the United State.

Usually, ex-presidents refrain from directly criticizing their successors, and Obama, after leaving the presidency in 2017, did not make any public statements about Donald Trump.

However, in the past few days, Obama has openly stated that he will support the presidential campaign of Joe Biden, his former Vice President.

And during a group call with his former employees some time ago, Obama called the government’s actions to curb the pandemic “a chaotic mess” and expressed doubts about the justice Department’s decision to drop charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn, saying it could jeopardize the rule of law in the United States.

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