NYT reported on Bloomberg’s plans to run for President of the United States

Former mayor of New York and billionaire Michael Bloomberg plans to apply for participation in the US presidential election from the Democratic Party, reports The New York Times, citing sources.

According to the publication’s interlocutors, he can apply as early as this week. His adviser noted that Bloomberg had been mulling over the decision for several weeks, but had not yet made a final decision.

The newspaper reports that the former mayor sent his staff to the state of Alabama, where until Friday, November 8, you can enter the race. There they are engaged in collecting the necessary signatures.

In addition, Bloomberg called some Democrats, including the former head of the democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid. He told them he was “seriously considering” taking part in the race. Reid told the publication that the billionaire did not say directly that he was running for President, but “the meaning of the call was clear.”

In early March, CNBC, citing sources, reported that Bloomberg began recruiting volunteers for the election campaign for the election of the American leader in 2020. However, in response, the former mayor of New York stated that he does not plan to run for President. According to him, many urged him to participate in the campaign.

In mid-February, Politico, citing Democrats, wrote that Bloomberg plans to spend $ 500 million to prevent the re-election of US President Donald Trump for a second term.

As of November 8, Michael Bloomberg ranks ninth in the Forbes billionaires ranking. His fortune is estimated at $ 52 billion. He is the founder of the Bloomberg agency.

Author: Flyn Braun
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