NYT: John Bolton was asked to testify on the case concerning the impeachment of President Trump

It is not known whether the former national security adviser will comply with the demands of congressmen.

John Bolton, the former White House national security adviser, was asked next week to testify as part of the house impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

The Democrat-led House committees conducting the inquiry asked Bolton to appear in Congress on November 7, the newspaper reported, citing a source familiar with the schedule of upcoming meetings in the investigation.

It is not known whether Bolton will comply with the lawmakers’ demand, the New York Times said. Since he was previously a senior adviser to the President, the White House can claim Bolton’s absolute immunity from having to testify in Congress and require him not to appear on Capitol Hill. Bolton, a longtime Republican supporter, will have to decide whether he agrees with the White House’s wishes, the newspaper said.

The testimony of National Security Council counsel John Eisenberg and his Deputy, Michael Ellis, is scheduled for next Monday, the New York Times adds.

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