NVIDIA introduced a ventilator for $400

NVIDIA introduced a ventilator for $400. It can be used in emergency cases – if the number of infected people is too large and standard medical devices are not enough for them.

NVIDIA Principal Researcher Bill Dally has published the source code and design for an inexpensive, easy-to-assemble fan that he believes can be used to treat patients with COVID-19. Dally developed the device in just a few weeks. He created it on the basis of two easily accessible components: a proportional solenoid valve and a microcontroller – all this will cost only $ 400.

“Our philosophy is to create the simplest fan that can be produced. At the same time, it must meet the needs of patients who are treated with COVID-19”, said Dally in the video, explaining that the device is able to accurately measure the flow rate and pressure of the supplied air.

The fan has already been tested on a lung simulator, the researcher has applied for emergency use permission from the FDA. This is the same accelerated resolution that NASA recently received for its fan version. If the Dally device is approved, then the next step will be to find a way to manufacture it, which can be a serious problem.

“I hope that the number of sick people will not grow to such a level when the devices are already in short supply,” Dally said in an interview with NVIDIA. “But let’s be sure that we have options for a bad case”.

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