NVIDIA announced canvas graphics editor

NVIDIA has announced an unusual graphics editor called Canvas.

The fact is that the editor boasts a function that allows you to create a landscape from a simple sketch. That is, even a child can draw something beautiful. The transformation takes place in real time.

According to the developers, this technology was created using deep machine learning mechanisms. To train it, the engineers used the DGX supercomputer and more than 5 million images. The function contains 9 filters and 15 objects. For example, water, sky, grass, trees, etc. Of the interesting things in the editor, it is also worth noting a tool that allows you to create images in the style of certain artists. At the same time, the algorithm does not use elements of real pictures, so all created images are unique.

By the way, the resulting work can be saved in PSD format in order to later port it to Photoshop.

Anyone can already download the beta version of NVIDIA Canvas from the link, but for the application to work, you will need Windows 10, as well as video cards of the GeForce RTX, NVIDIA RTX, Quadro RTX, or TITAN RTX families.

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