Nurmagomedov’s main weapon to be named

Former mixed-style fighter (MMA) Chail Sonnen analyzed the strengths of Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov. He talked about this in a video on his YouTube channel.

Former contender for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) belt has responded to American Justin Gaethje. The latter, during a podcast with Joe Rogan, described a plan for a fight with Nurmagomedov. The 43-year-old veteran emphasized that Gaethje did not name the main advantage of the Russian fighter over rivals.

“Yes, Khabib does a lot of things – drops to the ground, ties his legs. But his most basic weapon is the ability to withstand a high pace. This guy will go to you with the same speed in the 24th minute of the battle, as at the very beginning of the fight. It is just scary. This is the real weapon. At the highest level, ”says Sonnen.

In a conversation with Rogan, Gaethje said that the Russian most often tries to transfer his opponent to the ground near the cell. The American emphasized that he would try to prevent Nurmagomedov from conducting takedowns by striking his lower legs. According to Gaethje, a few hits in this vulnerable part of the leg are enough for him to seriously change the course of the fight.

Gaethje is the main contender for the title fight against Nurmagomedov. The American turned out to be stronger than Tony Ferguson in the UFC 249 tournament, winning the time zone of the UFC lightweight champion.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the UFC lightweight champion. Also, he holds the second place in the ranking of the best fighters of the organization, excluding weight categories.

Author: Sam Smith
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