Notre Dame tour in virtual reality

There was a tour of the cathedral of Notre Dame in virtual reality mode. Despite the fact that this is not an exact copy of the building, its creators claim that this is the only way to see the building in its original form.

A year has passed since the fire destroyed the historic cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. In honor of this, Ubisoft presented its VR tour of the building, which is based on the Assassin’s Creed Unity game. “If you have never been inside a building, now this is your only chance to look at it,” the company noted.

Ubisoft decided to recreate one of Paris’s most iconic places to play – the artist Arno Dorian has been doing this for two years. He notes that this is not an ideal one-to-one reconstruction – for example, he had to add additional spiers. However, it is so similar to the original that it could be used in the reconstruction of the building.

This tour is dedicated to the year since the fire in one of the main symbols of Paris. Experts say that the damage was so significant that the restoration will take several years. At the same time, quarantine introduced in the country stopped restoration work for an indefinite period.

They plan to begin the reconstruction of Notre Dame in 2021 – they raised almost a billion euros for this. French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that Notre-Dame de Paris will be restored until 2024. Experts consider such terms to be too rigid or even unrealistic.

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