Not all macOS Monterey features will work on Mac computers with Intel processors

Recently Apple announced the macOS Monterey operating system. Many Macs will get it, but not all will have new features.

According to the official Apple website, computers based on Intel processors will not receive the following features of the new OS:

  • Blurred background in FaceTime
  • Live Text feature that allows you to copy text from images
  • Globe in Maps application
  • Detailed maps of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London
  • Voice-to-speech conversion in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
  • Ability to dictate text on the device offline.
  • Dictation of the text without time limit (previously it was a maximum of 60 seconds)

All functions of macOS Monterey can only be used by users of devices with the proprietary ARM-based M1 chip. What is the reason for the restrictions, the company does not explain. Most likely, in this way Apple decided to stimulate buyers to switch to newer devices. Recall that now the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini and 23-inch iMac work on the M1 chip.

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