North Korea launched a ballistic missile towards Japan

North Korea launched a ballistic missile towards Japan, Reuters reports.

According to the Japanese military, the missile does not threaten its security and should not fall in its exclusive economic zone. However, the Japanese Coast Guard issued a special warning for fishing vessels in the Sea of ​​Japan.

On January 15, Kim Dong Yup, professor at the Institute of Far Eastern Problems at Gyeongnam University, said that the Bukkykson-5s ballistic missile, previously demonstrated by the North Korean authorities at the parade as “the most powerful weapon in the world,” is most likely just a mock-up: the real weapon did not would show for reasons of secrecy. According to the expert, even the previous model, Pukkykson-4, has never flown, and the year before last, Pukkykson-3 was launched only from a submerged barge, although this series of missiles are supposed to be launched from submarines.

In August 2020, a military report was submitted to the United States, which stated that North Korea was armed with up to 60 nuclear bombs and 5,000 tons of chemical weapons. Also, analysts estimated Pyongyang’s capacity to produce new warheads at 5-6 units per year.

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